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Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia
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The increasing volume and demand for projects in Malaysia’s construction sector provides an opportunity for RBM Building Machinery to supply high end industrial building system that is cost effective and energy efficient, without compromising on safety and greater quality finish.

Founded in 1995, RBM Building Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd has now been recognised as a manufacturer, as well as supplier of RBM Foam Concrete Machine and RBM Spray Plastering Machine with the major dealer of Foam Concrete Machine and Spray Plastering Machine. RBM guarantees the stringent quality standards of its machinery and is committed to deliver after sales services and full technical back up from their strong service team.

Keeping It Cool

Its product range begins from the foundation; RBM Building Machinery offers concrete mixing and casting technology that is economical, effective and clean. Their special concrete and mortar additives increase the concrete’s fire resistance as well as lower the thermal conductivity and concrete density. The Insulated Lightweight Concrete® technology offers superior insulation, making it very energy efficient for extreme climates by reducing the energy required to keep the building cool or heated. It is little wonder that Insulated Lightweight Concrete® is highly sought after for construction in the Middle East and other countries that experience a wide range of temperature change.

Time Efficient and Smart Industrialised Building System

The company continuously innovates to streamline its Industrialised Building System (IBS), improving the safety measures for faster building construction without compromising on quality and durability. RBM’s expert consultation and diligent after sales service provides a comfort to their clients on the performance offered by their IBS’ construction solutions.

Material wastage is often minimised and an improved standard of quality finishing could be attained for the end product. Using its infill casting technique, load bearing walls, columns, beams and slabs could always be constructed up to 3 times faster than the conventional method.

The finishing of the final product would only require minimal plastering to suit the most stringent aesthetic demands by the industry. The modular system could be customised to suit the needs and resources of any builder and this is one of the main reasons its system has earned wide recognition not only in Malaysia & Singapore, but also its products is exported to China, UAE, Vietnam, England, India, Sri Lanka Cambodia, Africa, Australia, Indonesia & Laos.

Its system has been built to be durable and designed according to SIRIM and international standards to ensure its quality and robustness. The company’s leadership in promoting green technology and sustainable construction practices has been recognised by their numerous accolades from MITI, the Golden Bull Awards and Green Building Asia’s Best Show to name but a few.

Today, RBM is more than just a typical building construction company. The company’s passion to deliver quality engineering and construction projects drives the company to perform all tasks with their own team of skilled craftsmen, and effectively manage their projects during construction.

From the CEO

 CEO, RBM Building Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd



The Managing Director of RBM Building Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd is a humble man who leveraged on his keen interest in mechanical design to innovate the construction industry.

1 Dato' Dr. Goh has been proud that his company has transformed from merely importing technology for the construction sector to becoming a technology and expertise exporter instead. This was achieved by continuously performing research and development into its entire product offering, and to understand how each of the technology has worked as a solution.

2 Problem solving requires a person to have ideas and the know how to execute the ideas. So one must have an interest in everything and learn continuously in order to be able to look at a problem and discovering a solution that may be unconventional, but effective.

3 The journey to success is paved by hard work and sacrifices. However, keep in mind of the important things in life and balance your energy for work and personal endeavours. The taste of success is sweeter when you have someone to share it with.

4 Normally, when the projects are delayed, they are either extended or accelerated and therefore, incur additional cost. The normal practices usually allow a percentage of the project cost as a contingency allowance in the contract price and this allowance is usually based on judgment.

5 Looking back, Dato' Dr. Goh is proud to say that the company has been doing well in maintaining all the qualities, not because of the industry accolades they have garnered, but most importantly, because they have good business partner, evaluating them for the next projects.


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