AJV Electronics Sdn. Bhd.


AJV, a Malaysian company established in 1994 was one of the qualified participants selected into the BEDP in 2006. This would prove to be one of the company’s most significant milestones, as today they have presence in Brunei, Oman, Indonesia and Germany.

Within three years, AJV succeeded in participating in trade and investment missions to the USA, Argentina, Mexico, India, Pakistan, Europe, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong SAR. Other than that, AJV also participated in the ASIA Plus Expo in Johannesburg in 2006, CEBIT in Hannover in 2007 and 2008 and DITEX in Dubai, in 2008.

Through the BEDP, AJV has gained leverages that would soon propel them to be one of the leading names in the industry. New foreign markets, new ideas, technology and business models soon contributed to AJV’s growth into one of the most admired companies in Malaysia.

Today, AJV is eyeing Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, CIS countries such as Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, as well ASEAN.




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Lot 1624, 1623 & 1622, MARA Industrial Lots,
MK 8, Pongsu Seribu,
13200 Kepala Batas,Penang,
T: +604-5756218
F: +604-5756217


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