Kilang Makanan Mamee Sdn. Bhd.

Kilang Makanan Mamee Sdn Bhd is known for its wide selection of processed and packed food. The brand has since become a synonym and household names for snack food and instant noodle. The products produced are ranging from snacks food, instant noodles, confectioneries and also beverages products. Currently, MAMEE has a presence in more than 30 countries where most of the markets are concentrated in Europe, Middle East, Africa and ASEAN region.

As part of the marketing strategy to expand their market share in Europe, Kilang Makanan Mamee Sdn had participated in the recent SIAL PARIS 2010 organized by MATRADE. During the 5-day event, the company managed to achieve a total sale of RM3.5 million. The Export Manager, Mr. Joel Leong said, “SIAL is a good platform to promote MAMEE products to the potential buyers as most of the established importers are coming to source for various food products. We noticed that majority of the buyers who are visiting our booth are interested to buy our variety chips and snack products such as Mister Potato and Mamee Oriental brand”.

Prior to SIAL, MAMEE had also followed MATRADE’s promotional programmes in other parts of Europe and Asia. Through these promotion programmes, they were able to expand their export markets and to understand the opportunities and challenges of exporting overseas. The company has put much emphasis on the intentional trade fair and marketing mission to further promote their products to the potential buyers/distributors.

MATRADE’s Trade Commissioner in Paris, Ms. Nurdiana Abdullah said “the company’s success in SIAL was due to the attractiveness of the products coupled with a strong brand that have the credibility to attract a large segment of consumers in Paris and other parts of France. However, the company has to ensure that they would be able to meet the required export standards and also to maintain the good brand of the products. Generally, sustaining a business in Europe is a big challenge for much of the ASEAN exporters”.

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No. 793, Mukim Damansara,
47500 Petaling Jaya,
T : 03-5632 5588
F : 03-5631 0292


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