Carefood Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Carefood Industries Sdn Bhd started in 1989 with the vision to ‘capture’ the rich but eroding Asian Food Heritage from the various communities within Malaysian and market this to the world. In meeting this vision, Carefood had also established the following parameters of product definition to ensure a level of product quality to meet consumer needs.

  1. The product has to be Authentic and wholesome. 
  2. No preservative, synthetic flavours and colours are to be used. 
  3. The producthas to be Halal and meet International Safety Standard to ensure food safety. 
  4. The product must use fresh and natural ingredients. 
  5. As far as possible, the product must be complete and convenient for consumer to use.

With no experience in food processing to shelf life stability, we started on three products and planted ourselves in MARDI and SIRIM to seek answers and assistance to overcome the countless problems we faced in term of production and packaging, and threw away tons of spoilt products. We could not meet the tall order that was set for ourselves but each failure gave us better insight and understanding into the problem until we achieved a breakthrough in the behavior of the products through intensive R&D.

From three products, we got on to nine, and as of to-date. We have over 200 recipes, catering for various business lines, from retail consumer to hotels, restaurants, caterers and other food manufacturers. Besides Asian Sauces, that originate from Malay, Indian, Chinese, Nyonya, Indonesian, Singaporean and Japanese sauces. Among others, we also have a range of western sauces to address the food service needs.

Today Carefood Industries is HACCP and Halal certified and can provide a full menu to most Asian Restaurants to operate on standard operating Procedures to ensure consistency of daily menu quality. MATRADE has been a major contribution in our efforts to promote and market our products to various parts of the world. With the brand promotion grant, we were able to upgrade our brand and enhance over packaging to meet the expectation of the US mainstreams markets. To-date we are in “Whole Foods” which is the premier retail chain for organic and natural foods and two national distributors has taken up our products to promote and distribute to most States of America.

We have also now moved to more downstream products to meet the ever changing consumer needs and will be launching a series of soup and dry mix noodles using our sauces with another main stream supermarket chain in the US. Plans we also in the pipeline to provide complete ready to serve Malaysian dishes for the mass market in the US.

We are confident that with the continuous close collaboration with MATRADE and other government agencies like FAMA, we will be able to make Malaysian Food a name in the world market.

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