Client's Charter Achievements for 2017

1 To organize at least 30 trade promotion activities every 3 months:
  • International Trade Fair
  • Trade and Investment Mission
  • Export Acceleration Mission
  • Promotion Booth
  • International Sourcing Programme
  • In-Store Promotion
  • Exporter's Training Programme
  • Industry Visits
  • Guest Speaker
  • Outreach Programme
  • Courtesy Call
At least 30 activities every 3 months 0P
2 i) To entertain and answer information on trade opportunities within 2 working days. Within 2 working days 0P
ii) To disseminate international tender notices within 2 working days. Within 2 working days 0P
3 To inform the results to the applicants for participation in the trade fairs and trade missions within one (1) week after the application closing date. Within 1 week 0P

To ensure the release of publications as follows:

i) MATRADE Online News - every 2 weeks Every 2 weeks 6 issues
ii) MATRADE Leads - every week Every week 13 issues
iii) Up-coming Events Every 3 months 0P issue
iv) Trade Mart Every 2 months 0P issue
v) What's New From Malaysia Every 6 months 0P issue
vi) International Trade Fairs in Malaysia Annually 0P issue
5 To update the website within 2 working days upon receiving the updated information. Within 2 working days 10
6 To review all completed Market Development Grant (MDG) applications and to give the results to the applicants within 10 working days. Within 10 working days 207

Note :

  • This information will be updated on a quarterly basis
  • Abbreviation "P" is stand for Provisional Figures

Client's Charter Achievements for 2016

Updated by Organisational Planning & Transformation Unit, Management Services Division

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