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MATRADE is introducing two Mobile Apps namely MyExport and Trade2Media.

myexport mobile app

MyExport App is an exclusive app that allows Malaysian Exporters registered with MATRADE to access vital trade information in the most convenient way. Experience the mobile edition.

  • Trade Leads - An opportunity to grow your exports with trade leads compiled from enquiries received from foreign importers interested to source Malaysian products
  • Market Alerts - Stay ahead of your competitors with timely updates on wide ranging information covering market conditions and trends, trade policies and regulations, business opportunities and other trade information that matters
  • Market Studies - Keep abreast with specific market prospects, trends, potential products, standards, distribution channels and potential buyers before you venture your business abroad
  • Trade Statistics - Obtain latest key trade statistics pertaining to specific products or markets
  • International Tender Notices - Increase your opportunities and expand your export markets with tender notices issued by various sources all over the world
  • Events and Updates - Get in touch of MATRADE's latest & ongoing events

Trade2Media is an app enabling the Media to receive more timely information as part of MATRADE’s engagement with the media. Get updated while on the move.

  • Trade Statistics - Obtain latest montly trade statistics
  • Press Releases - Official announcement of news prepared and issued to media
  • Events and Updates - Get in touch of MATRADE's latest & ongoing events
trade2media mobile app

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on MATRADE Mobile Apps

Is it free to use the apps?

Yes, it is free to download, install and use the apps. However, it requires internet connection usage.

Where can I get the MATRADE Mobile Apps?

The apps can be installed in iOS and Android devices from respective app store or market.

Devices App Store/Market

(iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)


(Smartphone and Tablet)

google play

Do I need to register to use the apps?

- For Trade2Media: Yes, one time registration is required. Registration can be done through the mobile app.

- For MyExport:

  • If you are already a MyExport subscriber, you just need to login the MyExport app by using your existing MyExport username and password
  • If you are a MATRADE Member, but have not become MyExport subscriber, you need to sign up for the MyExport service from MATRADE Portal to create your username and password
  • If you are not registered with MATRADE Member, kindly register with MATRADE

Is the MyExport app the same with the MyExport web version?

MyExport app is the simplified version of the MyExport web version to assist you on-the-go. It contains the Trade Leads, Product Market Studies, Market Alert and Malaysia Trade Statistics. You still need to access the web version to update your company profile or upload products/services images.

What influence the information loading time?

The loading time is dependent on your internet connection that you subscribed from the internet service provider.

What should I do if I change my device (e.g from Android to iPhone)?

You just need to re-download and re-install the apps in your new mobile device.

How can I get assistance regarding the Mobile Apps?

You may contact us at 03-6207 7373 or drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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