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Export Assistance

Services Export Fund (SEF)

SEF provides assistance to Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) to undertake activities to expand and venture into the international market. The assistance is extended in the form of reimbursable grant and soft loan. The grant and soft loan disbursed is according to the maximum amount of each activity and up to a total of RM5 million per company for the duration of the period 2015 – 2020. Eligible activities are:

A. Grant


Activity 1

a. Promoting Malaysian expertise in services at international events overseas as speaker in conferences, forums and participating in services industry related competitions.

b. Travelling expenses for tender bidding.

c. Procuring commercial intelligence / market reports for assessing business opportunity or projects overseas.


Activity 2

a. Rendering services for projects undertaken overseas.

b. Presentation to potential clients for assessing business and projects overseas.

c. Preparation of prototype, system customisation and localisation to meet projects requirements.

Activity 3
  • Initial Cost of Setting up Office Overseas.
  • Activity 4
  • Logistic cost of sending Malaysian products, equipment or merchandising for project abroad undertaken by Malaysian services companies.
  • Activity 5
  • Grant for conducting feasibility study for specific international project overseas.
  • B. Soft Loan (Soft Loan Scheme for Services Exports –SLSSE)


    Activity 6
  • Costs incurred in preparation and submission of project proposals for overseas projects.

  • Financing to assist MSPs in proposing and planning for overseas’s project negotiations. Example of eligible activities are:
    • Preparation of master plan;
    • Architectural designs;
    • Preparation of blueprint;
    • Engineering designs for projects;
    • Project management; and
    • IC and software design.
    Activity 7
  • Expenses related to raising bank guarantee or performance bond to execute overseas project.
  • Activity 8
  • Collateral in issuance of bank guarantee or performance bond.
    • Financing to assist MSPs in undertaking/ implementing overseas project.
    Activity 9
  • Remaining 50% on eligible expenses for setting up office overseas for the initial twelve (12) month.
    • Company which has been approved 50% grant on eligible expenses for setting up office overseas for the initial twelve (12) months under SEF grant is eligible for the remaining 50% under soft loan.

    Updated with latest S.E.F Guidelines

    Market Development Grant (MDG)

    The Market Development Grant (MDG) is a financial support facility in the form of a reimbursable grant. MDG assists small and medium enterprises (SMEs), service providers, trade & industry associations, chambers of commerce and professional bodies, to undertake export promotional activities. The maximum ceiling amount for MDG per company is RM200,000.

    The financial grant covers specific export promotional activities, and companies awarded the MDG support facility, will be able to seek reimbursement of expenses incurred in undertaking those activities.

    MDG disbursements are subject to the availability of funds.

    Reminder: Companies must submit their application within 40 days as stipulated in the Guidelines.

    For export promotion activities undertaken in 2016

    No major changes in the eligibility criteria or activities. Except for:
    - The eligibility criteria for export of services have been extended to tourism, financial & insurance industry, effective 1 September 2016. However, real estate services are not included.
    - An expansion of coverage to include cost of land transportation within ASEAN countries (i.e. by bus, taxi, train and other hired vehicles).

    Click here to read MDG Guidelines.
    Click here for Frequently Asked Questions on MDG.

    Companies who are currently MDG recipients are advised to check the total amount of MDG funds already disbursed, and the balance to date that is available for further reimbursements, before filing for new MDG claims. Any enquiries on MDG can be referred directly to the MDG Unit at 03-6207 7593 or e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

    Certificate of Free Sales (CFS)

    The Certificate of Free Sale (CFS) is the certificate required by the importing country to certify that the products are already sold in the country of origin. This is to ensure that the product is suitable to be sold in the importing country.

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