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MATRADE publishes information on export market opportunities and capabilities of Malaysian manufacturers and service providers.




Malaysia Bumiputra Exporters Directory

A directory that features Malaysian Bumiputra Exporters in the Related Products & Services Industry.

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Malaysia Exporters of LED, Solar & Related Product Directory

A directory that features Malaysian exporters in the LED, Solar & Related Products industry.

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Malaysia Exporters of ICT (Product & Related Services) Directory

The publication of this directory by MATRADE is in collaboration with MDEC, CCAM & PIKOM in promoting Malaysian ICT products & services.

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  aerospace new

Guide to Malaysia's Aerospace Industry

The 2nd Edition of the publication which highlights the prominent players in the Aerospace industry.

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Malaysia Exporters of Oil & Gas Services and Related Products Directory

The directory features a compilation of 167 Malaysian-owned companies covering all aspects of the oil and gas services, including fabrication and construction, engineering, logistics, installation and services.

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  living dining

Malaysia Exporters of Living & Dining Furniture Directory

A publication which highlights high quality, stylish and superior design of Living & Dining Furniture from Malaysia.

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food beverage

Malaysia Exporters of Food & Beverage Directory

This 432-page directory lists 351 export ready Malaysian manufacturers of food & beverage products and services.

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Guide to Malaysia's Fashion Industry

A directory that features prominent players from the fashion industry in Malaysia.

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Malaysia Exporters of Franchising Directory

A joint collaboration between MATRADE and Malaysia Franchise Association (MFA), this directory features a compilation of 31 Malaysian franchisors that offers a wide range of product and services franchises such as food & beverage, children & pre-school education, clothing & accessories and health & beauty care.

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  green tech

Malaysia Exporters of Green Technology & Related Services Directory

This 121 pages directory features 102 Malaysian exporters of green technology products and related services.

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Malaysia Exporters of Pharmaceutical & Health Supplements Directory

A compilation of 67 export ready Malaysian manufacturers of Pharmaceutical & Health Supplements products and services.

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Malaysia Exporters of Footwear Directory

A compilation of 60 exporters which highlights the Malaysian footwear & related products.

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Malaysia Exporters of Medical Devices and Equipment Directory

The directory features 93 Malaysian manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of medical devices & equipment.

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Malaysia Exporters of Biomass & Related Services Directory

This 124-page directory lists 67 export ready Malaysian manufacturers of biomass products and services, a glossary of biomass terms and profiles of Malaysian experts in biomass.

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Malaysia Exporters of Cosmetics & Toiletries Directory

The directory features 77 Malaysian manufacturers and exporters of a wide range of cosmetics & toiletries industry such as skin care, spa products and baby care products.

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Malaysia Exporters of Outdoor Furniture Directory

A compilation of 47 exporters which highlights high quality, stylish and superior design of outdoor furniture from Malaysia such as garden furniture, gazebos, tables and benches.

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Malaysia Exporters of Stationery Directory

A compilation of 72 exporters of various stationery products, from filing and storage products, paper-based items such as note books and note pads, presentation and planning materials, writing and drawing instruments.

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Malaysia Exporters of Machinery, Parts & Equipment Directory

This directory provides a compilation of 149 key stakeholders in the machinery, parts & equipment industry.

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Malaysia Women in Export Directory

The directory features a compilation of 172 women-owned companies that produced a wide range of products and services such as food & beverage, fashion & lifestyle, cosmetics & toiletries, consultancy, engineering and ICT.

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Malaysia Exporters of Electrical & Electronic Directory

A compilation of 382 Malaysian exporters of electrical & electronics industry i.e. electronics components, consumer electronics, and industrial electronics.

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Magazine / Bulletin

wnfm 17

What's New from Malaysia

"What's New from Malaysia" is a publication featuring information on new and innovative products and services from Malaysia.

This publication highlights a combination of ground-breaking innovations together with a wide range of interesting products and services by Malaysian companies. Products & services offered ranges from healthcare, electrical & electronics, technology, engineering, automotive, machinery & equipment, construction & building materials, franchising, education, food & beverage and green products.

View : Issue 17 | Issue 18 | Issue 19 | Issue 20 | Issue 21

trade mart

Trade Mart

Featuring Focus, Exporters’ Guide, Market Opportunities, Market Alerts, Business Update, MATRADE Events, Exporters’ Trail and more.

View : Volume 4/2017


FDA inspection

Guide To U.S. Food and Drug Administration Inspections : Food Facilities

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FDA regulation

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulations

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exporters guide

Beginner's Guide to Exporting (3rd Edition)

An updated version of Beginner's Guide to Exporting Business Handbook for Malaysian Exporters, which help in understanding export requirements, developing export plan, logistic & export documentation and sourcing for export financing.

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matrade info

MATRADE Information Booklet

A brief explanation about MATRADE & its function.

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matrade assistance

MATRADE Assistance Programmes

Compilation of MATRADE's financial assistance / grant / programmes.

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CE Marking

New version of CE-Marking guidebook. A product passport to enter EU countries.

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Brochures doingbusinesswithMALAYSIA 2018

Doing Business with Malaysia


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FTA Series

  1. Free Trade Agreement (FTA)
  2. ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership (AJCEP)
  3. Malaysia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (MJEPA)
  4. Malaysia-Pakistan Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (MPCEPA)


International Trade Fairs in Malaysia (Annually brochure)

A comprehensive calendar of major trade events in the country incorporating updates on the latest events.

 quarterly event

MATRADE Upcoming Events (Quarterly brochure)

A quarterly calendar featuring highlights of MATRADE's trade-related events (local and overseas)

Coffee Table Books


From Zero to Hero

This coffee table book, “From Zero to Hero”, showcases an elite business success stories of 25 outstanding Malaysian companies that have exceeded expectations of the world through their business offerings globally.

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Malaysia Excellence & Capabilities in Green Technology

The publication of “Malaysia - Excellence & Capabilities in Green Technology” features Malaysia’s ongoing efforts in the development and promotion of green technology.

It provides entrepreneurs and end users with a useful reference on Malaysian services providers in this sector:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Renewable Energy
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Sustainable Sites Planning & Management
  • Materials & Resources
  • Water Management; and
  • Going Global

The publication serves as a source of information on Malaysian service providers who offer services on green or environmental friendly technologies.

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Malaysia - Excellence in Construction and Design

The publication of Malaysia - Excellence in Construction and Design is part of MATRADE’s efforts in branding the Malaysia’s professional services.

Containing more than 80 pictorials of projects that were designed and developed by Malaysian professionals throughout the world, the publication highlights different aspects of the Malaysian professional services industries, as well as showcasing their capabilities and expertise.

Sections of the publication include :

  • Icons of Malaysia
  • Urban Spaces – Towards Innovative and Sustainable Urban Development
  • Transportation and Infrastructure – State of the Art Connectivity
  • Institutional – World Class Centre with a Distinctive Difference
  • Civil Engineering Works and Utilities
  • Going Global


MATRADE Online News

MATRADE Online News is a fortnightly newsletter that is disseminated through e-mail and MATRADE’s portal via MyExport to Malaysian exporters registered with MATRADE. MATRADE Online News contents include upcoming trade events, seminars, incoming buying missions, market alerts by our Trade Commissioners overseas as well as updates on trade regulations, policies and MATRADE’s Business Library’s collections.

Trade Leads

An opportunity to grow your exports with trade leads compiled from enquiries received from foreign importers interested to source Malaysian products. Malaysian exporters must be registered with MATRADE to access these trade leads, via MyExport.



Malaysia Your Business Partner

A guide for sourcing from Malaysia highlight the scenario of Malaysia’s economy and infrastructure.

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Market Information Reports

Market Alert

Stay ahead of your competitors with timely updates on wide ranging information covering market conditions and trends, trade policies and regulations, business opportunities and other trade information that matters. Malaysian exporters must be registered with MATRADE to access these market alerts via MyExport.

Product Market Study

Keep abreast with specific market prospects, trends, potential products, standards, distribution channels and potential buyers before you venture your business abroad. Malaysian exporters must be registered with MATRADE to access these product market studies via MyExport.

Annual Reports

Annual Report 2016

Despite uncertainties in the global environment, Malaysia's trade in 2016 remained resilient and registered a trade surplus of RM87.27 billion compared with RM91.48 billion recorded in 2015. This marked the 19th consecutive year that Malaysia has recorded a trade surplus.

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Annual Report 2015

2015 was a challenging year for Malaysia due to factors such as the slowing of China's economy, falling commodity prices and depreciation of Malaysian Ringgit. Nevertheless, Malaysia continued to build on the successes of its past by recording its 18th consecutive year of trade surplus with total trade increasing by 1 percent to RM1.46 trillion in 2015.

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Annual Report 2014

Despite challenges in the global economy, Malaysia’s trade performed well beyond expectations with rising 5.9 per cent to reach RM1.45 trillion. The year 2014 was a remarkable year for Malaysia's trade Supported by strong uptake by almost all ASEAN countries, higher demand for manufactured products and recovery in key markets such as the United States of America (USA) and Japan, exports rose by 6.4 per cent to RM766.13 billion. 2014 marked another year of positive trade balance and was the 17th consecutive year of trade surplus for Malaysia.

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Annual Report 2013

2013 was a significant milestone for MATRADE as it celebrated its 20th anniversary. As the national trade promotion agency, MATRADE has played a crucial role in the country’s economic development. Despite the prolonged weakness in external environment due to the Eurozone crises, sluggish economic recovery of the United States and the slowing down of the Chinese economy, Malaysia's total trade showed an encouraging increase of 4.6% to RM1.37 trillion in 2013.

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Annual Report 2012

Despite the weak external environment in 2012, the Malaysian economy performed better than expected, recording a strong growth of 5.6%. Malaysia’s merchandised trade in 2012 registered a growth of 3% to RM1.31 trillion compared with RM1.27 trillion the year before. Exports rose to RM702.19 billion, while imports registered RM607.38 billion, making it the 15th consecutive year for Malaysia to maintain a trade surplus. It was Malaysia’s diversified product mix and markets that sustained the export growth in 2012.

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Annual Report 2011

Despite the challenging international economic environment, Malaysia’s economy grew steadily, underpinned by the expansion in domestic activity and firm regional demand. In 2011, Malaysia’s trade breached the one trillion mark again, reaching RM1.3 trillion, an increase of 8.7 per cent from the previous year. Exports expanded by 8.7 per cent to RM694.55 billion while imports grew by 8.6 per cent to RM574.23 billion, thus registering a trade surplus of RM120 billion. This was the 14th consecutive year of trade surplus for Malaysia since 1998.

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Annual Report 2010

Total trade in 2010 registered strong recovery of 18.3 per cent to RM1.169 trillion, compared to a contraction of 16.6 per cent recorded in 2009. Exports expanded by 15.6 per cent to RM639.43 billion while imports grew by 21.7 per cent to RM529.19 billion resulting in a trade surplus of RM110.23 billion. Exports of manufactured products increased by 11.6 per cent to RM460.96 billion, contributing 72.1 per cent to Malaysia’s total exports in 2010. Mining exports increased by 28.5 per cent to RM101.90 billion while agriculture goods grew by 29.6 per cent to RM71.80 billion.

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Annual Report 2009

Malaysia recorded a trade surplus for the 12th consecutive year in 2009 totalling RM118.35 billion. The world economic slowdown in 2009 resulted in an overall decline in global trade. Malaysia’s total trade decreased by 16.6 per cent to RM988.24 billion from RM1.185 trillion in 2008. Exports declined by 16.6 per cent to RM553.3 billion, compared with RM663.49 billion in 2008. Imports were lower by 16.6 per cent to RM434.94 billion in 2009, from RM521.61 billion in 2008. The decline was due to lower demand from Malaysia’s major trading partners following the global economic slowdown.

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Annual Report 2008

Overall in 2008, Malaysia recorded an impressive growth of 6.8 per cent in its total trade to reach RM1.185 trillion. This was the third consecutive year that total trade surpassed the RM1 trillion mark. Exports grew by 9.6 per cent to RM663.49 billion while imports recorded growth of 3.3 percent to RM521.61 billion, resulting in trade surplus of RM141.88 billion. This is the highest trade surplus ever recorded since 1997. The growth in exports for the year was especially significant in the first three quarters of the year before decelerating in the last quarter due to the impact of the global economic slowdown.

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