Electrical and Electronics Industry remains Malaysia's top contributor in export. During SEMICON South East Asia that took place from 6 - 10 May 2019, MATRADE had the opportunity to gather some feedback from the Presidents of SEMI from United States, China and SEMICON SEA as well as from our very own Senior Director to share about what makes Malaysia a driving force in the vibrant and high-value industry.

Malaysia is fast becoming a top player in the world's aerospace industry. In this MATRADE Podcast Series called "A Cuppa With...", we explore the areas of growth and Malaysia's strengths in this high value industry. The interview was done with Spirit AeroSystems Sdn Bhd, Senior Operations Director Datuk Zulkarnain Mohamed.

Who does not know Instagram? Almost all of us, of all ages and from all walks of life are familiar with this social platform. Today, Instagram has transformed into an effective marketing tool that is driven by social activities. Multi-billion companies such as Kylie Cosmetics owned by Kylie Jenner have thrived using Instagram. Can Malaysian SMEs emulate the same strategy to capture consumers from around the world? We talk to Tim Lee from Lee.Ads Interactive to find out more

Dalam episod podcast MATRADE kali ini, kami mengupas peluang PKS tempatan menjual ke seluruh dunia melalui platform atas talian atau online. Di sini Tuan Haji Mohd Nordin Jafri, Pengerusi KUGPIS. Melalui temubual di Pusat Informasi Perniagaan MATRADE ini Tuan Haji Nordin berkongsi pengalaman beliau mengeksport secara online ke seluruh dunia. Beliau turut berkongsi tentang prospek pelbagai produk seperti Daun Ketapang dalam eksport.


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