Trade Advisors

MATRADE's overseas offices in strategic locations around the globe assists Malaysian exporters and foreign buyers alike in doing business.

In selected countries or cities where MATRADE  overseas office does not exist, Trade Advisors are appointed to assist  Malaysian exporters in promoting Malaysian products and services to foreign buyers. Trade Advisors are appointed among prominent and successful local business personalities to leverage on their strong connection with the business community.

Function of Trade Advisors

Advise and assist MATRADE in the promotion of trade in the country located. Scope of assistance:

  • Disseminate information about Malaysian products and services to local business community
  • Develop and facilitate linkages between Malaysian exporters and local importers as well as businesses
  • Support MATRADE in organising promotion activities in the country
  • Provide advice on export and business opportunity in the country


  1. Colombia
  2. Syria Arab Republic

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