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MATRADE to Promote Business Activities Between Malaysia and Bangladeshi Chemical Industry Players 02 December 2019
MATRADE Finds Global Buyers for Malaysian Manufacturers of Wood-based Products 28 November 2019
MATRADE Pursues Global Recognition for Malaysian Medical Devices at MEDICA 2019 28 November 2019
MATRADE’S WEDP Company Gains Access to Japan 27 November 2019
MATRADE Pursues Global Recognition for Malaysian Medical Devices at MEDICA 2019 26 November 2019
MATRADE Promotes Malaysian Capabilities at Big 5 in Dubai to Attract Buyers and Partners From The UAE 25 November 2019
MATRADE Engages With Business Leaders From 9 Cities in Kuala Lumpur 21 November 2019
MIHAS 2020 to Promote The Values of Sustainability Among Halal-Based Businesses 20 November 2019
MATRADE Urges Malaysian Exporters to Make Sustainability a Priority to Remain Relevant in Business 19 November 2019
Malaysian F&B Products Well Received at Germany's Trade Fair 04 November 2019
MATRADE Champions The Promotion of Halal in Japan 01 November 2019
Malaysian Manufacturing Capabilities Take Centre Stage in Japan 30 October 2019
MATRADE Pushes for Stronger Malaysian Brand Awareness in China 29 October 2019
National Export Day 2019 Aims to Boost Malaysian Companies Participation in Export 24 October 2019
Branding Malaysia as a Technology Hub at ITAP 2019 22 October 2019
MATRADE Promotes Malaysia as a Source of Sustainable Plastics in Germany 18 October 2019
MATRADE to Welcome 1,000 Participants at National Export Day 2019 17 October 2019
MATRADE Urges Malaysian Companies to Make Export Their Main Focus in 2020 and Beyond 13 October 2019
MATRADE to Organize More Than 500 Business-to-Business Meeting at IGEM 2019 11 October 2019
MATRADE to Facilitate Malaysia's Transformation as a Sustainable Trading Nation 09 October 2019
Boosting Malaysia's Country Branding Through Local F&B Products 04 October 2019
MATRADE Pushes The Exports of Malaysian Aerospace Companies to Japan 30 September 2019
Leveraging on Malaysia Week Campaign 2019 to Drive Malaysia's Exports 21 September 2019
Promoting Malaysia's Capabilities in Aerospace Industry 20 September 2019
Malaysian Companies Shine in Russia 18 September 2019
Growing Malaysian SMEs Access to China and ASEAN 18 September 2019
MATRADE Drives Malaysia's Exports to Turkey 13 September 2019
MATRADE Supports Growth of Malaysian SMEs in The Middle East Through eCommerce 05 September 2019
Capitalising on FTA to Boost Malaysia-Turkey Trade 04 September 2019
MATRADE Joins Hands with The Private Sector to Grow Local Automotive SMEs Globally 22 August 2019
Strengthening Malaysian Oil & Gas Brand Presence in West Africa 19 August 2019
First eMarketplace in Europe Selected to be in eTrade Programme 19 August 2019
MATRADE Gesa Usahawan Tempatan Agar Terus Aktif Dalam Eksport 16 August 2019
Digital Trade Halal Value Chain for Tokyo Olympic 2020 Initiative Launched 15 August 2019
MATRADE and Aker Solutions Collaborate to Support The Growth of Malaysian Energy SMEs 08 August 2019
MATRADE and ITFC Collaborate to Boost Intra-Trade Co-operation With OIC Countries 18 July 2019
Malaysian Furniture Export Performance Shows Growth 17 July 2019
Local SMEs Enjoy Competitive Edge Pitching Their Brands to Foreign Buyers in Kuala Lumpur 14 July 2019
MATRADE Works with Islamic Development Bank to Create Business Opportunities For Malaysia With OIC Countries 09 July 2019
MATRADE Urges SMEs to Make Exporting Their Business 24 June 2019
MATRADE To Explore Prospects Of Oceania Markets 22 June 2019
MATRADE Matches Malaysian O&G Companies with Foreign Buyers 16 June 2019
Expanding Malaysia's Trade in Indonesia Through The Second Tier City 10 May 2019
Malaysia's Cutting-Edge Oil & Gas Technology to be Promoted at Houstan, USA 05 May 2019
Growing The Awareness of Malaysian Food and Beverages Products in Hong Kong 03 May 2019
Malaysian Companies Told to Explore Export Opportunities to Madinah 30 April 2019
Mihas 2019 Concluded With Multiple Achievements Recorded 08 April 2019
Halal Brands Celebrated at Mihas Awards 2019 05 April 2019
MIHAS 2019 Opens Its Doors and Welcomes Visitors to Their Biggest Edition Yet 04 April 2019
Malaysian Companies in The Halal Industry Meet With Global Buyers at Menara MATRADE 02 April 2019
Boosting Malaysian Aerospace Industry Export 27 March 2019
Global Business Matching by MATRADE Positively Impact Malaysian SMEs 24 March 2019
MATRADE Links Malaysian Furniture Companies with Foreign Buyers 09 March 2019
JK-Eksport to Streamline Export Promotion Activities for Malaysia 04 March 2019
MIHAS Promotes Malaysia as a World’s Halal Hub 01 March 2019
MATRADE Pushes for The Inception of Malaysia's First Association for The Medical Devices Industry (Non-Medical Glove) 25 February 2019
Promotion of Malaysian Medical Devices Get a Boost at Arab Health in Dubai 24 February 2019
Malaysia Gets Advantage in The Development of Eco-Satellite City in Uganda 20 February 2019
MIHAS 2019 Business Matching to Host 2,000 Business Meetings for Malaysian Companies with World Buyers 07 February 2019
MATRADE Announces Its New CEO 31 January 2019
Trade Performance For 2018 and December 2018 31 January 2019
Malaysian Medical Devices Industry Hits Record Breaking RM20B Export Sales 29 January 2019
MATRADE Elevates Malaysian Mid-Tier Companies Presence Globally 25 January 2019
Malaysia Calls For Collaboration With The World Trading Community Through MIHAS 22 January 2019
Tan Sri (Dr.) Halim Mohammad Appointed MATRADE’s New Chairman 11 January 2019

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