Youth Exporters Development Programme (YEDP)

What is it?

A specific and targeted three-year programme formulated for youths, between the ages of 20 to 40 years, who are interested or already involved in exporting. YEDP covers a broad range of sectors but gives special consideration to 'soft exports' from the creative industry such as the arts, music, fashion, lifestyle, crafts, design etc. The programme is relatively new and was started in 2014.

Who can apply?

The CEO and/or Managing Director must be between the ages 20 to 40 years. At least 51 percent of the firm's equity must be held by youths between the ages of 20 to 40 years. The company must also be in operation for at least 3 years and have some footprint in the Malaysian domestic market.

Shortlisted candidates will undergo a screening process. Prior to selection by a panel committee consisting of MARA, MITI, TERAJU, PUNB and MATRADE, a site visit will be conducted, together with interviews with management and the rating of the company done through the Exporter's Readiness and Capability Assessment (ERCA) Model.

Expenses it supports and benefits of being in the programme:

YEDP is run and managed along the same lines as WEDP and BEDP, and like its sister programmes, it is an intensive hand-holding support facility.

The support framework, much like WEDP and BEDP, involves customised business coaching and export advisory services, skills enhancement training, leadership and entrepreneurial development, networking and mentoring sessions and international business exposure and market immersions.

YEDP companies are given a level of financial support in the form of subsidised visits to international trade fairs or any other international trade promotional event that would allow for the maximum exposure, learning experience and scaling-up of the company in the international arena. Companies in the YEDP programme are also given access to free participation in seminars and workshops organised by MATRADE.

Eligibility and Selection Criteria

  • The majority of the equity or at least 51% of equity of the company must be in the hands of youth(s) between the ages of 20-40 years. The majority shareholding can be held by a single youth individual or a group of youths as majority shareholders.
  • The Chief Executive Officer and/or Managing Director must be a youth. This set requirement for the leadership position to be held by youths is considered pertinent, as the programme emphasises on the leadership development of the individual placed in a position of power.
  • Companies for YEDP must fit the national definition of a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).
  • The company must be in operation for a minimum of three years and attained an acceptable level of market footprint/presence/share/dominance locally. 
  • Companies dealing with merchandise goods or services must have a designated business premise or manufacturing facility with a dedicated address and not a PO Box. Youth-owned companies based in Sabah and Sarawak can be given special consideration in the selection for YEDP, on the basis of diversifying the dispersion of regional socio-economic growth.
  • SMEs which are involved in technology-driven, high value-added and knowledge-based industries will be given special focus. These types of industries include high-precision parts manufacturing, biotechnology, biomedical engineering, animation and advance surveillance systems etc.


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