“MATRADE is aware of the allegation of Cross Border eCommerce Platform, requesting companies to provide their SSM certificates and/or other documentation in order to claim eTRADE grants. 

Please be informed that eligible companies need to apply eTRADE 2.0 directly themselves including registration as MATRADE members and submission of required documentations, such as SMM Registration into the eTRADE system.

This notice serves to inform the public that MATRADE has NEVER appointed nor cooperated with any agent/platform or third party in submitting the eTRADE 2.0 application on companies’ behalf. Kindly contact eTRADE Unit for further clarification.

eTRADE Programme 2.0

eTRADE Programme 2.0 is an enhancement of eTRADE Programme which was developed under the RMK-11. The purpose is to accelerate export activities via sustained participation in cross-border eCommerce platforms.

The programme will continue to assist new companies to onboard cross-border eCommerce platforms for export including existing companies that already engaged in eCommerce.


  1. To provide incentive for companies to sustain their participation in the cross-border eCommerce platforms.
  2. To assist Malaysian SMEs to have sustainable and valuable presence on cross-border eCommerce platforms.
  3. To help to maintain companies’ online business such as digital marketing, eCommerce training and online export promotions to increase their exposure and business opportunities on cross-border eCommerce platforms.
Financial Incentives

A qualified applicant may receive the following financial incentives:


For onboarding any cross border eCommerce platform or multiple platforms

Digital Marketing & Training (DMT) Scheme

For undertaking any digital marketing activities and / or attending eCommerce training programmes.

*per company, for one (1) year subscription / one (1) year activities

[Note: eTRADE 2.0 reimbursements are subject to the availability of government funds]

Wish to apply? - read the guidelines below:

Guideline for eTRADE Programme 2.0 can be downloaded here: eTRADE 2.0 Guidelines

Eligibility Criteria Application Procedure