There are plenty to choose from Malaysia, especially when our products and services are well-known all around the globe for their superior quality and reliability in meeting world class standards. We are supplying to more than 200 countries. Which is why it's not surprising that Malaysia is rated among the top 24 exporting nations in the world.

In the global supply chain, Malaysian companies have become preferred sourcing partners. We are ranked as one the leading exporters worldwide for semiconductors, medical disposables and devices, processed food, building materials, healthcare, education, outsourcing services, information and communication technology (ICT) and engineering services. All these testify to the high level of confidence and trust that international businesses have in us.

Malaysian services sector has grown from strength to strength and has achieved global recognition for several landmark projects. Many Malaysian service providers have developed the expertise, capability and capacity to become suppliers of a range of services, both for the domestic and overseas markets.

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