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FTA Series
  1. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) - English | Bahasa Malaysia

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MATRADE Upcoming Events (Quarterly brochure)

A quarterly calendar featuring highlights of MATRADE's trade-related events (local and overseas)

Upcoming Events for 2024:

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Malaysia Your Business Partner

A guide for sourcing from Malaysia highlight the scenario of Malaysia's economy and infrastructure.

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matrade info
MATRADE Information Booklet

A brief explanation about MATRADE & its function.

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matrade assistance
MATRADE Assistance Programmes

Compilation of MATRADE's financial assistance / grant / programmes.

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Market Alert

Stay ahead of your competitors with timely updates on wide ranging information covering market conditions and trends, trade policies and regulations, business opportunities and other trade information that matters. Malaysian exporters must be registered with MATRADE to access these market alerts via MyExport.

Product Market Study

Keep abreast with specific market prospects, trends, potential products, standards, distribution channels and potential buyers before you venture your business abroad. Malaysian exporters must be registered with MATRADE to access these product market studies via MyExport.