Commencing 1st April 2024, MATRADE will reinstate participation fees for the Exporters Training Programme. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we strive to enhance the quality of our services for Malaysian exporters through MATRADE training initiatives.

MATRADE frequently organises virtual and physical seminars and workshops. These serve to guide would-be exporters and existing exporters of merchandise and services trade on the developments and business opportunities in international markets. Topics covered are wide-ranging and include gaining export access, trade documentation, export procedures in specific markets, developing brand names, product packaging, international marketing and e-commerce

MATRADE also conducts training programmes targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises to help transition them from domestic selling enterprises to international exporting firms. Specific programmes are also run for Mid-Tier companies and larger entities, focusing on building skill sets to deal with large, regional supply conglomerates worldwide.

The focus is to enhance knowledge on market accessibility, global trade requirements, trade practices, branding, import regulations, international product and environmental standards, trade financing, market updates and market requirements.  MATRADE also collaborates and partners with other agencies, including government and private sectors groups, financial institutions and foreign entities to deliver value to MATRADE clients.

NEW Exporters Training Programme Portal

The NEW Exporters Training Programme Portal system is a web-based application system where company information or participating training participants are stored in a database in the provider's cloud storage at MATRADE. This system can be accessed through common web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The system has also been improved with new modules that are more flexible, more comprehensive reporting functions and technology that is in line with today's ICT needs, as well as managing and storing information on training, seminars, webinars or workshops identified by MATRADE.

    • MATRADE Exporters Training Programme Portal allows participants to register for the training that has been published in MATRADE Portal.
    • The portal also allows participants to check the upcoming training that has been registered by MATRADE. It also allows participants to resend the training confirmation email by themselves, without contacting MATRADE. Apart from that, they also will be able to see all the history of the MATRADE training that they have registered in the past.
    • For MATRADE members, you have to activate your account first.  Companies can add the staff details to the company’s account. Companies will also be able to add, edit or remove your staff details. There is no limit on the number of staffs to add to your company’s account.

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    • Companies will have the ability to check the upcoming training that they have registered and resend the confirmation email to the staff that they have registered.
    • Companies also will be able to check all the MATRADE training that they have registered in the past.
    • For individuals and government agencies, you will no longer need to re-enter your basic details such as Name, Company Name, Mobile Number and Address in the registration form every time you register for MATRADE training. All the details will be auto-populated in this form, and it will speed up the registration process.

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Participation Fee for the Exporters Training Programmes

participation fee for the exporters training programmes

For enquiries, please contact:

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