National Trade Blueprint

The National Trade Blueprint (NTBp) is a blueprint commissioned by The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and developed by MATRADE to increase Malaysia’s trade competitiveness through improved business ecosystem.

It outlines a 5-year (2021-2025) development strategy and initiatives to enhance Malaysia’s export competitiveness, specifically in the exports of merchandise. It aims to position Malaysia as a dynamic and pre-eminent trading nation through sustainable export development.

The key objectives of the National Trade Blueprint:

1. Identify the challenges in enhancing trade competitiveness.

2. Benchmark against other countries with effective strategies and best practices in trade promotion.

3. Formulate & implement action plans and programmes for government, industry and the private sector to enhance trade competitiveness.

4. Enhance Malaysia's export competitiveness through,

  • Improved business ecosystem
  • Increased export value and number of exporters and
  • Promotion of products where Malaysia has or should have competitiveness in the future

NTBp complements other current policies and masterplans by converging objectives, aligning & consolidating initiatives, and bringing together various stakeholders to create a more conducive business ecosystem. Concerted efforts from Ministries, Agencies, State Governments and other stakeholders is crucial to ensure successful implementation of NTBp.

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National Trade Blueprint


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