Trade Performance : January 2016

Exports of Manufactured Goods Help Boost Malaysia's Trade in January

Exports of manufactured goods for January 2016 grew by RM1.95 billion to RM50.59 billion, accounting for 81.8% of Malaysia's total exports. The increase was supported mainly by higher exports of machinery, equipment and parts by RM588.7 million, electrical and electronic (E&E) products (up RM566 million), manufactures of metal (up RM496 million) as well as optical and scientific equipment (up RM407.1 million).

The performance of this sector helped Malaysia register total trade of RM118.31 billion in January 2016, a marginal increase from the RM118.25 billion recorded in January 2015. The higher trade numbers serve to underline Malaysia's resilience despite the challenging global economic environment.

Higher trade was recorded with ASEAN which grew by RM1.6 billion, China (up RM827.2 million), the United States of America (USA) (up RM727 million), India (up RM600 million), Germany (up RM353.1 million), Switzerland (up RM350.8 million) and Turkey (up RM317.9 million).

Exports decreased by 2.8% to RM61.85 billion and imports expanded by 3.3% to RM56.46 billion. Positive trade balance of RM5.39 billion recorded in January 2016, made it the 219th consecutive month of trade surpluses since November 1997.

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Trade Performance : January 2016


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