In line with the update of eTRADE 2.0 guideline, recipients of eTRADE 1.0 are now eligible to apply for Onboarding Scheme.

Additional Requirements for Recipients of eTRADE 1.0 (effective 1 July 2022)

    1. The applicant must meet at least ONE of the following requirements:
      • Diversification of eCommerce platform e.g. joining a different platform from the one chosen in eTRADE 1.0; OR
      • Presence in eCommerce platform for at least one (1) out of the last two (2) years* at applicant’s cost; OR
      • eCommerce export sales of not less than RM5,000 annually for at least one (1) out of the last two (2) years*

  1. The application can be made beginning 1 July 2022.
  2. Submission of application must be made within 6 months after payment has been made to cross border eCommerce platforms / channel partners.

* The last two (2) years are calculated as 24 months preceding the application date

Important Note

For recipients of eTRADE 1.0, the amount of incentive offered is 80% of the onboarding cost or RM5,000, whichever lower.