For companies new to exporting, MATRADE has three intensive programmes to hasten export readiness of SMEs. The Women Exporters Development Programme (WEDP), Youth Exporters Development Programme (YEDP) and Bumiputera Exporter's Development Programme (BEDP), are all targeted export support facilities, each specifically tailored to boost export learning and performance of three specialised population groups, consisting of women, youths and Bumiputera. Statistics have shown that these groups have historically exhibited low levels of export participation in Malaysia.

Companies interested in the WEDP, YEDP and BEDP specialised programmes can apply directly to the Women, Youth and Bumiputera Exporters Development Unit at the contact listed below. Applications must be substantiated with verified documents and all applicants must meet a standard participation criterion. Shortlisted companies will be subjected to factory audits, interviews and assessment by MATRADE prior to the final selection.

MATRADE uses the Exporters' Readiness and Capability Assessment (ERCA) model to assess the companies for selection into the programme. Selected companies will undergo the programmes for three years.

Standard Criteria:

ProgrammeWomen Exporters Development Programme (WEDP)Youth Exporters Development Programme (YEDP)Bumiputera Exporters Development Programme (BEDP)
CEO/Managing Director(s) Must be women Must be youths Must be Bumiputera
Equity Majority or at least 51% owned by women

Majority or at least 51% owned by youth(s)
(Youth in this context is defined as between the ages of 20-40 years)

Majority or at least 51% owned by Bumiputera
Company Status
Local Business Presence
  • Been in operation for at least 3 years in Malaysia
  • Have a footprint / presence / share in the Malaysian domestic market
Industry Sector Open. Either merchandise or services trade

SMEs selected for either the WEDP, YEDP or BEDP programmes can derive the following benefits from the three year programme:

  • Customised business coaching and intensive hand-holding support. Export support will be provided by experienced and trained officers who have extensive knowledge in export promotion through years of exposure in export trade. Coaches are supported by officers from the Women, Youth and Bumiputera Exporters Development Unit who will serve as liaison project officers responsible for the companies' performance and records.
  • Skills enhancement training will be conducted on a quarterly basis in the form of seminars, workshops and symposiums. Attendance and participation in these events organised by MATRADE are free. These skills enhancement training address critical topics such as:
    - Cross Cultural Understanding In International Business
    - Steps to Successful Exporting
    - International Business Communications
    - Effective Negotiation Skills
    - Formulating Export Plan & Market Entry Strategies
    - Effective Bookkeeping for Exporters
    - Branding for Global Market
  • Exposure to global markets through active participation in international trade promotion activities held abroad. Selected SMEs will be given opportunities to promote their products and services at international trade fairs, customised selling missions and specialised marketing missions. 
  • Free exhibition space allocation for market exposure, publicity and opportunity to showcase their product or service offering for a period of 12 months at Malaysia Export Exhibition Centre (MEEC). MEEC is a permanent display centre for export-oriented Malaysian-made goods and services located at Menara MATRADE, Kuala Lumpur.
  • Networking and mentoring sessions amongst SMEs and larger companies help broaden business outreach through the sharing of knowledge. Companies learn through sharing and are inspired by role-models and the achievements of others.
  • Development of leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. These sessions nurture and develop behavioural traits that help build binding interpersonal relationships which in turn are vital for business cooperation

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