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Export Readiness Assessment Tool (ERAT)

ERAT will not only assess your readiness for export but also assists you to better understand your export resources, marketing methods, management commitment and product/service potential.

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business guide
Beginner's Guide to Exporting

Exporting is easy if you know the right steps. Start exporting today!

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export tips 2
Tips for Exporting

Market research will help you to identify the right target market, competitors in the market, customers, distribution channels and the best way to promote your product.

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fta 2
Understanding Free Trade Agreements (FTA)

With an open economy and a small domestic market, the free trade agreements (FTA) helps Malaysian companies to export throughout the world by strengthening our competitive advantage, strengthen investors' confidence as well as building Malaysia's economic sustainability.

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tariff 2
Tariff Code References

Know your product's HS Code. Harmonized Commodity Description & Coding System, or HS Codes and ASEAN Harmonized Tariff Nomenclature (AHTN) was created by the Custom Department for international use to classify commodities when they are being declared at the custom frontiers by exporters and importers.

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exporter success stories 2
Exporters Success Stories

We’re delighted to share with you our Exporters Success Stories and their experiences in exporting with the help of MATRADE.

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COVID-19 has impacted global trade and economic wellbeing. MATRADE capitalises on digitalisation to immediately support businesses by continuously bridging Malaysian companies with foreign clients.

From 1 Jan – 31 December 2021,

  • 1,692 business meetings (eBizMatch) were arranged connecting 1,205 exporters and 993 foreign buyers.
  • 40 webinars were also conducted, garnering 11,782 viewers from all over the world.
  • 820 market alerts, 125 product market studies and 3,256 trade leads were disseminated through MyExport Services

If you are interested to join these exciting opportunities, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information

eTRADE Programme 2.0

An incentive up to RM5,000 to accelerate exports via sustained participation in cross-border eCommerce platforms.

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Market Development Grant (MDG)

A support initiative in the form of a reimbursable grant (lifetime limit of RM300,000) with the objective of assisting exporters in their efforts to promote Malaysian made products or services globally. Participation in virtual events is now eligible for grant funding, to help ease the financial burden of exporters during the pandemic.

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Services Export Fund (SEF)

An assistance in the form of reimbursable grant to Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) to undertake activities to expand and venture into the international market.

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Mid-Tier Companies Development Programme (MTCDP)

A customised 9-month programme to help local mid-tier companies (MTCs) in Malaysia to accelerate their export growth and to strengthen their core business functions.

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To boost Malaysia’s recovery amidst the challenging Covid-19 economic landscape, the government has unveiled the Strategic Programme to Empower the People and Economy (PEMERKASA) Initiatives worth RM20 billion on 17 March 2021.

The initiatives includes five main focuses and 20 strategic initiatives. The focuses are to curtail the spread of COVID-19, drive economic recovery, strengthen national competitiveness, ensure a regional and community inclusion agenda and transform the economy.

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With support from MITI and its agencies, MATRADE remains poised in assisting Malaysian companies by continuing to give the highest level of commitment to ensure export growths despite the ongoing pandemic through various export development and promotion initiatives undertaken.

For more information, visit or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Commencing 1st April 2024, MATRADE will reinstate participation fees for the Exporters Training Programme. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we strive to enhance the quality of our services for Malaysian exporters through MATRADE training initiatives.

MATRADE frequently organises virtual and physical seminars and workshops. These serve to guide would-be exporters and existing exporters of merchandise and services trade on the developments and business opportunities in international markets. Topics covered are wide-ranging and include gaining export access, trade documentation, export procedures in specific markets, developing brand names, product packaging, international marketing and e-commerce

MATRADE also conducts training programmes targeted at Small and Medium Enterprises to help transition them from domestic selling enterprises to international exporting firms. Specific programmes are also run for Mid-Tier companies and larger entities, focusing on building skill sets to deal with large, regional supply conglomerates worldwide.

The focus is to enhance knowledge on market accessibility, global trade requirements, trade practices, branding, import regulations, international product and environmental standards, trade financing, market updates and market requirements.  MATRADE also collaborates and partners with other agencies, including government and private sectors groups, financial institutions and foreign entities to deliver value to MATRADE clients.

NEW Exporters Training Programme Portal

The NEW Exporters Training Programme Portal system is a web-based application system where company information or participating training participants are stored in a database in the provider's cloud storage at MATRADE. This system can be accessed through common web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. The system has also been improved with new modules that are more flexible, more comprehensive reporting functions and technology that is in line with today's ICT needs, as well as managing and storing information on training, seminars, webinars or workshops identified by MATRADE.

    • MATRADE Exporters Training Programme Portal allows participants to register for the training that has been published in MATRADE Portal.
    • The portal also allows participants to check the upcoming training that has been registered by MATRADE. It also allows participants to resend the training confirmation email by themselves, without contacting MATRADE. Apart from that, they also will be able to see all the history of the MATRADE training that they have registered in the past.
    • For MATRADE members, you have to activate your account first.  Companies can add the staff details to the company’s account. Companies will also be able to add, edit or remove your staff details. There is no limit on the number of staffs to add to your company’s account.

Activate Now

    • Companies will have the ability to check the upcoming training that they have registered and resend the confirmation email to the staff that they have registered.
    • Companies also will be able to check all the MATRADE training that they have registered in the past.
    • For individuals and government agencies, you will no longer need to re-enter your basic details such as Name, Company Name, Mobile Number and Address in the registration form every time you register for MATRADE training. All the details will be auto-populated in this form, and it will speed up the registration process.

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Participation Fee for the Exporters Training Programmes

participation fee for the exporters training programmes

For enquiries, please contact:

Exporters Training Unit
Level 15 (West Wing),
Jalan Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel No: 03- 62077864/ 7870

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